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Spring 2021 Nucs (Sold Out)

Now taking orders for Spring 2021 Nucs

Dyson Apiaries strives to provide only top quality bees to its customers. 


Queens are raised right here in our apiaries.  Typically queen cells are purchased from my Dad, Terry Dyson with Triple J Honey Bee Farms, who is right down the road (Sometimes I graft, but I usually buy them from him).  These cells are placed in my mating nucs, or directly into the nucs that are sold.  Queens are mated and allowed to lay for several weeks to verify their quality. 


Nucs are established by taking frames of healthy brood and bees from my colonies and introducing a young queen or installing a 15 day old queen cell.  Once established, these colonies are allowed to stabilize and closely monitored for several weeks.  Once they are boiling with bees, have at least 3-frames of mixed brood, and ample honey and pollen stores, they are ready for pick-up.

The typical process is for the customer to bring their hive(s) and I will transfer the five frames of bees, brood, honey and of course the queen, into the new hive.  This allows an opportunity to see the product and confirm satisfaction.  I will send them out in cardboard nucs if the customer would rather, but I always like the customer to see their product before leaving my property.

If interested in ordering 2021 nucs, please contact me via the "Contact Us" tab above, and I will get right back with you with furthur details.

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