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Nucleus colony, or Nuc, is a smaller hive consisting of bees in all stages of development, as well as food, a laying queen, and enough workers to cover between three and five combs.  Nucs can build on their own in to a thriving colony, but if managed and fed properly, they can produce some honey in their first year.  Nucs are advantageous in the fact that they have: an already introduced queen, workers in all stages of development, drawn comb to work from, and honey stores already in place.  Nucs will vary in strength depending on the season.  Due to the climate in the Piedmont of NC, Nucs will usually be distributed in late April.  Contact us if interested.



We produce two main kinds of honey in NC: Spring Honey (or Wildflower), and Sourwood.  The spring honey is varied depending on the season as to its contents.  The main nectar sources are Tulip Popular, Blackberry, and Clover.  Typically this honey will be labeled as wildflower.  This honey is made locally in the piedmont of NC.  Sourwood honey is made in the mountain region of NC and is mainly comprised from nectar made from the sourwood tree.  Contact us if interested.



Spring Wildflower


Quart - $20

Pint - $12



Quart - $28

Pint - $16

Other Sizes, including bulk or wholesale available.  Inquire via email for more info.


5-Frame Nuc - $175 (no frame exchange)
No packages currently for sale