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Our Nucs are established by taking frames of healthy brood and bees from my colonies and introducing a young queen or installing a 15 day old queen cell.  Once established, these colonies are allowed to stabilize and closely monitored for several weeks.  Once they are boiling with bees, have at least 3-frames of mixed brood, and ample honey and pollen stores, they are ready for pick-up.

The typical process is for the customer to bring their hive(s) and I will transfer the five frames of bees, brood, honey and of course the queen, into the new hive.  This allows an opportunity to see the product and confirm satisfaction.  I will send them out in cardboard nucs if the customer would rather, but I always like the customer to see their product before leaving my property.

$50/each deposit is required to be placed on the hold list and the nucs are sold in order of "first come, first serve".  Since I raise my own local queens for the nucs, I will not have pickup dates as early as the South, but rest assured, these queens are local, adapted, and well mated.  Typically, nucs are put out around the last week of April; sometimes a week earlier, and sometimes a week just depends on the season. Once you receive the bees, the weather in this area is stabilized and ready for you to be successful with bountiful nectar flows for building up your new colony.

If interested in ordering 2024 nucs, please complete the "Pre-Order" form below, and I will get right back with you with further details. 


  • 5-Frame Nuc - $185 (no frame exchange)

  • Packages currently not available

Pre-Order for Spring 2024 Nuc(s)

A $50/each deposit is required.  Once this request is reviewed, an invoice will be generated and sent requesting the deposit.

Please call 336-492-6408 for orders of more than 10 or for questions.


Thank you for ordering! We will be in contact soon!

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